What is Biblism?

In short, Biblism is a word that I have made up, for the attitude or belief that as Christians, our career is our faith. That is, we approach our faith and our relationship with God with the intensity and, crucially, time commitment that other people dedicate to their careers. This does not mean that we don’t work.  We do, but we work primarily for the sake of earning a living, rather than finding our purpose, identity, status and meaning in life.

I call this “Biblism” because I believe that this is the way the first century Christians lived, so this is the most biblically accurate way of being a Christian. Whether or not this is actually true, something that is certainly true is this:  after over 20 years of living like this, I can’t help noticing that other Christians in general have poor character for the simple reason that they do not make the time to focus on their character.  Most people are really busy with their careers, and where they are Christians their faith is squeezed in into a few minutes a day. This does not give sufficient time to really bring about the profound changes that should characterise a Christian.  Now I sincerely find it too difficult and too painful to interact with many of these people 🙁

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