Welcome to NewThoughts from “Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie!”

This is the part of the blog where I literally just pour out my thoughts as they occur to me. This is the new home for all those 4am blog posts, or other spontaneous posts, while I decide whether or not to keep them.  This is like my rough jotter, and ideas that do “make” it will be refined, edited and transferred to the blog.

I’d love to share even my raw thoughts with you, but please be warned, these are literally freshly squeezed thoughts, so in many cases they will not be very coherent.  They will not always flow in a logical order. I apologise in advance for any typos or other grammatical mistakes.

Thanks for reading.  If you want to read my thoughts after they have been refined a little, please check out the blog directly.

Many thanks, and kind regards, Tosin 🙂