Apologies to short kings

Many years ago, I wrote something on this blog which I knew was hurtful, and I knew was wrong even as I was writing it. Basically, I was talking about one particular individual, and I basically said that his lack of height detracted from his masculinity.

I am so sorry to everyone for writing this, because it is so wrong and so untrue and so hurtful. I am just as sorry for possibly not apologising. (I think I did apologise, a few years ago, but I am not 100% sure.)

I was just being mean to that one individual, and I apologise to him too. Because of that I said something that would have been hurtful to so many other people.

To be clear, being short does not in any way detract from a man’s masculinity. Off the top of my head I can think of several men who are deeply attractive and utterly masculine, though not tall, or even immensely short. And yeah, I will reiterate that height or lack of, does not detract from a man’s masculinity!   And furthermore, you know that this unkindness is something that short guys probably face every single day, and to think that I who definitely know better, would add my own voice…

So once again I wholeheartedly apologise.
Everyone deserves love. You know the irony is that there was at least one of these men whom I would happily have married, but he rejected me as I was too tall!!!

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