QUICKPOST: On the Meghan Markle Malarkey and talkin’ bout tall guys

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At last!!!

Oh wow, I have not written here for almost a month (barring a post which I decided to make private).

A very quick word about the Meghan Markle Malarkey: If it needs to be stated, I am definitely Team Meghan and Team Harry.  I have been impressed no end by the loyalty that Harry has shown towards his wife and their marriage, and the extent to which he has gone to protect her. However, still, their marriage and the ongoing fallout illustrates why I would personally prefer not to marry men from certain ethnicities:  because of the very real potential of racism from their family.  I always think to myself: “the man himself could be brilliant – but what about his family?!” If I had the patience of a saint, then when someone makes that kind of snide underhand unsubtly racist comment I might be able to sweetly smile it off. However I definitely do not have that kind of patience; knowing me I would “give it” to that person right there and then, or at the very least give them a very unappreciative look.
That said, there might be some men out there who would make it worthwhile.  It seems to me that Prince Harry and the love that he and Meghan genuinely share make it worthwhile for both of them to endure the aggro from their families.  Not that they themselves are perfect, of course.  On balance, for the sake of cordial family relations in the future I wish that they had not sat for this recent Oprah interview at all, or spoken about their frustrations that they experienced within the Royal Family, especially with specific members.  I really pray that God would help the whole family to move forward beyond this, I hope that there will be a true reconciliation, and I hope that the rest of the Royal Family will see that Harry and Meghan are potentially an incredible asset.  I hope that the rest of the family will be able to sit down and think about how to best maximise Harry and Meghan’s popularity as ambassadors in a way to modern youthful influencer culture.

But what I want to talk about just now is something completely different.  You know I have written a few posts talking about physical attributes of men I have been attracted to. And I really want to make it clear that it is not about a man’s height!  If a man has height and I am attracted to him, then yes I will celebrate that, as I would celebrate the attributes of any guy that I am attracted to! But that does not mean that I’m automatically attracted to a man just because he is tall. In fact, there has been more than one man who on paper would have looked perfect for a relationship, and who was also tall, dark to whom I was not attracted in the slightest, in the romantic sense. One of these men was also undeniably handsome, AND Nigerian, from my own tribe, AND supposedly a strong Christian and yet I did not find his personality attractive, so on balance he did not move me in the slightest.

In fact up until about 7 years ago, most men I was attracted to happened to be average height, or shorter in fact! But then about 7 yrs ago I met a man who was ridiculously tall. He claimed to be 6’5″ but I am sure he was closer to 7 feet tall. (A rare case of a man claiming to be shorter than he actually is!) Actually, I found his height excessive, and because I am so much shorter I knew that if I started a relationship with someone that tall I would be walking around with a permanent crick in my neck, to be brutally candid. Also he did not pass the two year test – not even remotely. However somehow that experience seemed to reset my expectations and since then I have found that the guys I have been attracted to tend to be a bit taller.  Prior to that I don’t think I had ever been attracted to anyone who was even up to 6 foot tall.

Why am I saying all this?  It is a long story, which I am currently too tired to attempt to articulate (the story of why I am tired is itself a long story too!) But I do want to make it clear that one of my very best male friends of all time was immensely handsome, but shorter than I am.  He was so handsome. Unfortunately, I think someone told him because he seemed to acquire a big head about his looks, where previously he had seemed unaware.
As it happens, there is also someone who has caught my eye more recently who is also immensely handsome – but is also tall. So just in case I ever talk about him, and mention his height, please know that it is not because of that (alone) that he caught my eye.  It’s just that he seems to be a genuinely great guy, he is genuinely handsome…and he is tall!!!!  But the overwhelming likelihood is that he is not a Christian, so frankly I need to stop sighing about this and break it in my mind. But – man – he is so attractive!!!!!

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