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Trying to work out a suitable and user-friendly way of navigating this blog has been possibly the biggest challenge I have faced on this blog since I started writing it. However, as of yesterday/today, I hope I have finally thought of a suitable answer:
So there are two ways. One of these ways is already here, and the second hopefully is coming soon!

1. Chronological order of writing: this is the way that currently exists on this blog, and specifically this sub-blog, Excerpts. Basically I aim to post my posts on this blog in the order that they were written. Posts are available to purchase in ebooks generally composed of seven+ posts each. I have yet to publish all the posts that I have written; since September 2019 I have taken rather a long break to work out just what I am doing! I have not really been actively writing for quite a while, but hopefully when I am able to resume full writing, I will continue to post posts in chronological order.

2. Relationship-ordered – hopefully coming soon! This will require a new sub-blog! So the idea of this new order is to order things in terms of relationship status, questions that people might be having or challenges that they might be facing based on their relationship status. I believe that this would correspond more to the way that people would look for information, and would hopefully be more user-friendly. I still have to think through all the logistics of that. But I am thinking that I might compile ebooks using existing posts in new combinations to answer questions about different stages in relationships, or compile ebooks around different keywords

3. Chronological ordering of topics: It might also be an idea to compile ebooks around topics, eg My first 10 posts on love, then 10 further posts about love versus infatuation!

The reason why I have currently ordered my posts in chronological ordering of writing is because that is simply the easiest way for me and does not require any sophisticated thought or analysis, even though it might not be very user-friendly for readers. However I am genuinely excited about these new ways of ordering my posts, and once I have ironed out all practical issues I hope to implement these new orderings in addition to this chronological sub-blog!

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